quarta-feira, 22 de maio de 2013

Belinha Beauty (Android) [PT]

Great news for the girls!! Today we launch our first makeup blog.

Category: Beauty

Hey girls. With this blog (http://belinhabeauty.blogspot.pt/) you can always be informed by the latest products and have an opinion of someone who writes about this with a lot of passion.

Download link:

Atituna (Android) [PT]

... and our second android aplication is live.

Category: Music

Atituna is a musical group from Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of University of Oporto. In this blog (http://atituna.blogspot.pt/) you are always updated of all their adventures, concerts and events.

Download link:

segunda-feira, 13 de maio de 2013

Mail de um Louco (Android) [PT]

We have a great announcement to make. Our first android app is online.
Thank you Le Team to make this happen.

Category: Humor

In the last years, Mário Augusto Dias, a character created by João Pinto Costa (http://www.joaopintocosta.com), sent all kinds of e-mails to a range of personalities and companies where he made weird and unusual requests. Then he gathered all the answers and created this awesome blog: Mail de um Louco (http://maildeumlouco.blogspot.pt/).

Download link: